Switchboard CEO selected as Rainer Arnhold Fellow

Switchboard is pleased to announce that CEO Eric Woods has been selected as a Rainer Arnhold Fellow for 2012.

The Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program commemorates the life of Rainer Arnhold, a German-born physician who spent his life practicing medicine, teaching medical students around the world, and making a lasting impact in the developing world where his work focused on detecting and treating child malnutrition.

“Rainer Arnhold Fellows are social entrepreneurs with particularly promising solutions to the big problems in health, poverty and conservation in the Third World. The Program helps them design their work to maximum impact through iterative design process focused on scalability.”

The Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program and their focus on design for scalable impact will help Switchboard further its mission of building nationwide networks of health workers in the developing world, all in the name of improving patient care.

*For information about the Rainer Arnold Fellows Program, visit www.rainerfellows.org


Photo credit: Rainer Arnold Fellows Program

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