MDNet featured in WHO mHealth Report

After a multi-year global survey on eHealth, we’re excited about the World Health Organization’s (WHO) June release of their 2011 mHealth Report, featuring Switchboard and our close partner, the Ghana Medical Association.

The report, released by the WHO’s Global Observatory for eHealth, assesses mHealth activities in 112 countries.  Our MDNet program in Ghana was highlighted as one of five case studies, and includes discussion of our approach to networking 2,200 physicians, along with program benefits, cost structure, and lessons learned.

The report identifies the diverse ways in which mobile devices are being used for health around the world.  The report notes the clear emergence of mhealth initiatives in both developed and developing countries, and discusses mobile health programs’ effectiveness and obstacles to implementation.

Read through the report to get the most recent global perspective on mHealth.

View the MDNet Ghana Case Study.

View the Full Report.

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